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Title: After the Fairies
Author: goldarrow
Word Count Total: 838
Characters: Stephen, Ryan, Claudia, Team, OCs
Pairing: None
Rating: 12
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Primeval belongs to Impossible Pictures, not me. I will return them when I’m done, slightly mussed but in superb spirits.

After the Fairies

“She’s gone! My baby’s gone!”

Stephen winced. For one thing, the hysterical woman’s voice was shrill enough and sharp enough to bend metal, and for another, the idea of having to try to track down a little child on the wrong side of an anomaly in what looked suspiciously like it might be the Eocene made his both his head and his heart hurt.

Claudia stepped forward in full-on “Home Office” mode, her perfect blend of sympathy and official authority something that no one else seemed to be able to emulate with any degree of success.

“Mrs Johnson, please, come sit down.” She ushered the distraught woman over to the benches that lined the playground. “Tell us what happened.” When the woman started to wail again, Claudia cut her off. “We’ll find your daughter, Mrs Johnson, but you need to help us now.”

The woman’s screaming sobs hiccupped to a stop as Claudia patted her shoulder and continued to breathe platitudes at her.

Stephen bit his lip to try to hold back an ill-timed chuckle, and received a glare from Claudia over the woman’s shoulder that told him in no uncertain terms that if he buggered up her work she’d have his balls for Christmas decorations. Or maybe for lunch, he wasn’t sure which, but in the end he wasn’t about to chance finding out – he liked his balls right where they were, thank you very much.

Turning to face Ryan, he nodded toward the anomaly. “Anything?”

The shake of Ryan’s head was enough to make his stomach sink.

“Not a sign of any child, I’m afraid.” Ryan kept his voice low, eyeing the women cautiously. “Finn thinks someone older might have gone through, though. He swears he sees some human shoe tracks, but they’re from someone who’s at least a teen.”

The sound of Mrs Johnson’s voice rising again made both men grimace.

“I told you, she’s my baby!”

“I know what you told us, Mrs Johnson, but the facts don’t match your words.” Claudia’s voice had also sharpened as she looked up from her mobile. “According to the records, your daughter is at least sixteen years old.”

After trading a look of confusion, Stephen and Ryan turned as one to look at her.

“She’s seventeen!” Mrs Johnson now sounded extremely offended. “And it doesn’t matter. She’s my only daughter and I want her back! If you won’t find her, then I’ll go get her myself!” She stood and began to march straight toward the anomaly, with the obvious intention of going through to find her ‘baby’, come hell or high water.

Ryan stepped forward. “Mrs Johnson, if you’ll just give us the information we need, we can find your daughter. But you need to tell us. What was your daughter wearing? How tall is she? What colour is her hair? How used to rambling and the outdoors is she?”

The spate of questions seemed to either calm or confuse the woman enough that she stopped. “Oh. Um, Trina’s about 5’ 3”, her hair is dyed bright red, she was wearing jeans and a black jacket, and she’s very active.”

“Good, thanks. That will help.” Ryan waved to Finn, who nodded and stepped back through the shards of time.

After barely enough time for Mrs Johnson to gather her wits about her and start to berate Claudia again, the anomaly pulsed and four people erupted through it before it flashed once and with an almost audible pop, disappeared. Mrs Johnson screamed, Claudia winced at the volume of the shrill sound right beside her ear, and Finn, Cutter and Lyle stepped apart to allow the girl - almost a young woman – to be seen.

“Mum, really!” The girl, obviously the missing Trina, sounded as disgusted as only a teenage girl who’s been embarrassed by her mother can. “For heaven’s sake, you have to stop acting like I’m still a baby!” Trina nodded to Finn and Lyle. “Thanks, guys. I followed the little fairies through, but I got turned around. I’m glad you yelled. I don’t think I’d have found the portal again.”

With those words and a scathing look at the now stunned Mrs Johnson, Trina marched past her mother and up the lane toward her home. Mrs Johnson’s mouth opened and closed a few times, then she shook her head and ran after her daughter without another word.

“Any bets on whether the Mrs learns anything from this?” Lyle asked sarcastically.

“For once, I don’t think anyone’s going to take any bets about that,” Ryan replied. “Mrs Johnson doesn’t look like the kind who’ll do any changing.” He turned to Finn. “What did the girl mean about the fairies?”

The soldier shrugged. “Dunno, boss.” He turned to Cutter, who was standing beside the blank spot where the anomaly had been. “Professor?”

Cutter’s bemused expression didn’t change. “Lemurs, Captain. Very primitive lemurs. They were fascinated by her red hair, and they kept wanting to play with it.”

This time, Stephen didn’t even try to hold back his laughter.

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