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Title: Falling, Falling, Fallen
Author: goldarrow
Rating: 12
Words: 546
Characters/Pairing: Stephen/Helen
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Impossible Pictures, not me. I make no profit. I will return everyone and everything in perfect condition once I'm done playing with them.

April Challenge #2

"She was already learning that if you ignore the rules people will, half the time, quietly rewrite them so that they don't apply to you."
- Terry Pratchett (Equal rites (Diskworld 3))

Falling, Falling, Fallen

"I'm sorry, Dr Cutter, but I'm not sure I understand. There are rules against this, aren't there?" Stephen had to fight his immediate inclination to duck his head and stare at his feet. This was a little more than he'd anticipated, honestly.

He'd been Helen Cutter's student for only a few months, now, but he knew for a fact that she was probably one of the most brilliant scientists he'd ever met, and he could count himself lucky that she'd agreed to be his supervisor. On the other hand, he was now starting to wonder if he'd made a mistake. She might be brilliant, but if she was suggesting what he thought she was, then -

Stephen knew that he'd never been any good at picking up innuendos and hints. He much preferred straight talk and open words. There was less chance of him being bit in the arse by them. Right now, he was thinking that some armour covering his entire back and backside might have been a more prudent choice of outerwear this morning than his simple trousers and t-shirt.

Helen smiled. And it was a smile that Stephen found fascinating, but also both disliked and mistrusted. It was simultaneously soft, provocative and slightly dangerous.

"What's to understand, Stephen?" Ignoring half of what he'd said, Helen moved slightly closer, just enough that he could catch the scent of her perfume and the slightest hint of aroused woman.

Knowing that his immediate deep breath and subsequent swallow had given his desire away, Stephen stepped back, just a little.

Helen's smile widened.

"Stephen, nothing in this world is free." She reached out and ran her hand down his arm.

The touch sent a shiver up his spine, and Stephen knew he was in trouble. Deep trouble. Helen Cutter was so amazingly perfect, so brilliant, and so strangely beautiful that he had no strength to turn from her.

"What do you want from me?" he whispered. Only in his dreams would a woman want him that way. Girls, all the time; boys, occasionally. But a woman? He'd made it 22 years without any woman looking at him as if he was a buffet laid out in front of her.

"Only everything," she replied, leaning back to brace her hands on her desk. The movement tightened the material over her breasts, straining the buttons and acting like a magnet for Stephen's eyes.

"You're fairly smart, Stephen, you're dedicated, you're an excellent tracker. All you need is someone who can show you how to get what you want." She leaned forward again. "And you don't get what you want by standing still and hoping it will come to you. If you want something, then take it."

Stephen wondered slightly dazedly if she was talking about him, if she wanted him, or if she was talking about herself, that she'd be willing to come to him he wanted her. Again, the generalities, the words that could mean anything. What was he supposed to do? Was he supposed to -

Helen chuckled throatily, before stepping close and whispering into his ear, "Ah, Stephen, don't you know yet that if you ignore the rules people will rewrite them so that they don't apply to you?"

He bent his head and kissed her.


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