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Title: Joining the Team
Author: goldarrow
Rating: 12
Characters/Pairing: Emily, Claudia, Cutter
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Impossible Pictures, not me. I make no profit. I will return everyone and everything in perfect condition once I'm done playing with them.

Originally written for the Dreamwidth Fandom Stocking

Joining the Team

“Emily, we’re going out for a drink, would you like to come along?” Claudia wasn’t sure she was doing the right thing. Their new team member might think she was being pushed into socialising, but at least she’d know that they were willing to include her as soon as she was ready.

Emily surprised her. “I would like that, thank you, Claudia.” Then she cocked her head. “Will Professor Cutter be attending?”

Claudia chuckled. “Yes, and he’s promised he’s going to be on his best behaviour.”

“I’m sure that will be exemplary,” Emily replied, a twinkle in her eye.

“It will. He’s not going to have much choice. Stephen and Ryan have been tapped to keep him in line, and after today’s craziness, Lester’s decided that since Morris and Liz have both signed the Official Secrets Act, that they can come along. So we’re not the only women. And, he’s reserved the private room at the pub.”

Emily blinked. “From what I understood from the others, Sir James watches every penny. Isn’t that a very unusual thing?”

“Lester might be difficult, but he is a superb administrator. He knows exactly when everyone’s last nerve has started to shred.”

The two women turned as another voice joined in their conversation.

“Lester’s a right royal pain,” Cutter stated adamantly as he neared them, “but he’s a long way from stupid. Emily, we’d all be honoured if you’d come with us. We won’t be talking much shop, we hope, but we’re private enough if someone slips, so there’s no worry about getting in trouble.”

Claudia was glad she’d asked as Emily’s face lit up. It looked as if the newest team member was going to fit in just fine.

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